Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Moving your Google Drive files without having to re-download everything.

In most circumstances, Google Drive's default storage location is sufficient. However, there are a few reasons why you should change Drive's default file location. Usually, this is because you are running out of storage space and don't want to waste it by syncing 83 different photos of your cat (hey, I don't judge - I just counted, I have over 100 myself). Here's a quick walkthrough on how to change Google Drive's storage settings.

1. To begin, locate the Google Drive icon in Windows' system tray.

2. Now, right-click the icon, choose Preferences, and click the Account tab.

3. Now, click Disconnect account, and choose Yes when prompted. Your Drive account will be disconnected, but the files will remain on your computer.

4. After disconnecting your account, move your files (Google Drive folder and all) to the location you want them to be stored at.

5. Once the files have finished moving, right-click on the Drive icon in the system tray again, and choose Sign in. Enter your Gmail username and password when prompted.

6. After entering your username and password, click through the wizard until you reach Step 4 - "You're all set!" On this screen, click Advanced setup in the bottom right.

7. In the Advanced setup screen, click the Change button to the right of Folder location.

8. Finally, choose the location you moved all of your files to, click OK, then click Start sync.

After you've followed the steps above, Drive will run through a quick indexing of all files that are currently located in the folder. If you've added or removed any files since you moved them, Drive will sync those accordingly. However, because all of the old files are already there, Drive won't have to re-download them all again.